Concordia’s Young Audiences project for summer 2015 celebrated the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.

The aim of the production was to stimulate the children’s curiosity about the world around them and to show them how the Magna Carta has had an impact on society today. The story centred around a schoolgirl who accidentally activates a time travelling Great Oak, which takes her back to the time of Bad King John. She accidentally changes the historical events around Runnymede, which has a knock-on effect on the events that lead us to present day England.

The moral explored the idea that we should be grateful for the free and democratic society in which we live. With a little help from everyone's favourite outlaw, Robin Hood, here taking on the role of a narrator and strolling player, the children were treated to a medieval tale of King John, his battles and barons. The children explored and celebrated the history and 800 year anniversary of the Magna Carta whilst having the opportunity to experience and be part of a rich musical palette from different genres, taken from existing music and pieces re-written for the show.

Prior to the production at Toynbee Studios, the children from St Paul's, St John's, Osmani and Christchurch Primary Schools took part in workshops focussing on music, drama, art and craft, learning about this crucial time in history. Concordia is also extremely grateful to the Lady Mayoress Mrs Gilly Yarrow for providing the opportunity for a number of the participating pupils to visit the Egyptian Hall at Mansion House to view the impressive stained glass window depicting the signing of the Magna Carta.

Cast List
John Savournin - Artistic Director
Rosamond Savournin - Musical Director
Andrea Tweedale - Actress
Joanna Marie Skillett - Actress
Matthew Kellett - Actor
David Ruff - Musician
David Sloane - Musician
Tom Kelly - Musician

This project was made possible with the generous support of
GARNER, RELX Group, The Taurus Foundation and Dasha Shenkman OB