Concordia premiered this Young Audiences production at Wilton’s Music Hall in October. It was a colourful and up-tempo reinterpretation of an Old Victorian tale, exploring the importantce of both art and commerce. Concordia strives to teach Young Audiences about real-world concepts without sacrificing humor and entertainment. The story tells of two young friends, who are each granted a wish for their future. Henry wishes for a piano, whilst Florence asks for a spotted cow.

Who made the wiser choice?

Florence finds financial success in her thriving dairy, while Henry delights audiences with his piano-playing. The children demonstrated their choice through the creation of a piece of art work that they brought with them as a ticket for the performance.

Which is the more important?

Gillian Humphreys and Julie Groves, flute – introducing the instruments to children

In truth, art and commerce need each other, and Henry and Florence realise that we need more than money to be happy. With toe-tapping tunes, lots of fun, and sing-a-long songs, The Spotted Cow and the Pianofortedelighted the children and teachers alike.

Supported by Beazley Group PLC, Dasha Shenkman and Reed Elsevier.



Gillian Humphreys, Concordia Foundation in association with
Frances Mayhew, Wilton’s Music Hall


Jeff Clarke, Writer & Director
Gabriella Csanyi Wills, Designer
Rosie Mayhew, Assistant Designer
Nick Holdridge, Lighting Designer
Tina Bicat, Costume Designer
Kate Rigby, Costume maker
Lize Poultney, Stage Manager


Jo Lott & Caroline Elman, Edna the Cow
David Hudson, Frank the Pianoforte
Carl Sanderson, Magician
Rosalind James, Florence
Steven Craven, Henry
David Hudson, Dancer



Jan Winstone, musical director
Tim Brice, co-arranger
Julie Groves, flute
Nadia Wilson, saxophone
Kristal Hamson, saxophone
Oliver Buxton, bassoon
Katy Elman, percussion


Gillian with Annie Yim piano and Katy Elman percussion