In May 2008, Concordia Young Audiences presented The Rhythm of Life at Wilton’s Music Hall, entertaining 2,000 young children from six different schools on a musical journey around the world.  The children decorated the theatre with their own artistic national flags. Their enthusiasm is evident in the delightful letters we received.

Cast List

Thomas Kett, actor
Katy Elman, marimba
Julie Groves, flute
Mestizo Duo, guitar & violin
Ruth Slatter, percussion/composer
Rosie Mayhew & Michelle Leong, scenic artists

Watch our 7-minute film of this production:

I liked the dragon because of the way the dragon moved around the map of the world…My favourite country was Africa the rhythm of the music was amazing.
— Ashma
My favourite part was when the man went to China and suddenly the dragon came out of the ceiling
— Samin
I loved how you decorated the umbrella with the foil…it looked very sparkling…When I sang the songs, it made me feel happy.
— Khalsuma
I drew the Sweden flag and I was proud to see my flag on the wall of Wilton’s Music Hall.
— Jasmin
When Katie clashed the cymbals and the red tissue paper fell on us I jumped up and my heart missed a beat.
— Tahira
The umbrellas looked very sparky and the bunting shimmered in the light I – it was really bright and beautiful.
— Fahana

Even the teachers and  adults joined in:

Congratulations to all children and teachers who participated from Tower Hamlets in a sparkling performance of art and music from around the world. We travelled together on a journey of variety and adventure (the gong from China made us all jump out of our seats) only to return home to London with a heartfelt song ‘Rhythm of your Heart’. The musicians, actors, Gillian Humphreys of Concordia and Wilton’s Music Hall did superbly yet again in introducing the young audience to live music and art and producing such a memorable event.
— Peter Willan Hon RCM