Children’s participation was exciting with Voces8, Neil Valentine and musicians Tim Brice and Katy Elman leading the children in a rousing journey around the world with music and art.

Letters from the children:

. . . The best production of yours I have ever seen! It was just
absolutely phenomenal! Moving onto my favourite part was when
Dingle kept on being silly, dancing and saying ‘I’ve got to get to Rio
for the samba contest!
— Tasnia
I liked the music when the lady was singing Kung hay fat choi . . . That was my favourite song. Minhaz
— Minhaz
I liked that whenever the ghost came out, there were decorations like bats and other creepy crawlies like spiders and
— Talha
I really liked giving a Hi five to the ghost.
— Amin
I adored it when all the lights started to flash when they were time travelling . . . It made me think of me time travelling in the past of when my mum was a child.
— Nabila

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