Shadows of What May Be… was a tribute to Charles Dickens for his bicentenary. It was produced by Concordia Young Audiences, written and directed by John and Rosamond Savournin with a wonderful cast of actors, singers and musicians.


Video of Shadow of What May Be...


It was originally performed at Christchurch Spitalfields in November 2012, and then revived in 2013 at Union Chapel when Concordia moved into Islington for the first time.

Concordia Artists transformed each venue into a derelict and ghostly theatre to make it the perfect backdrop for the ghost of Jacob Marley to appear to Ben St-Ingy to help him learn the error of his greedy ways. With the help from other ghostly apparitions, such as the BAKU, a Japanese supernatural creature that eats nightmares, Ben had a change of heart.

After weeks of music and art workshops at the local schools, between 400 and 600 children packed the venues to take part in these interactive productions. They brought with them wonderful BAKU drawings created during the workshops to line the walls and had great fun joining in with the songs and actions.

Special thanks to our sponsors Beazley Group PLC, without whom, this ambitious project would not have been possible.